Goodwill Agreement for peer counselers Network

Goodwill Agreement for peer counselers Network

Parties of the network of peer counselers:

Estonia – NGO Garden Orchestra;

Finland – Finnish Central Association of Mental Health;

Sweden – Riksförbundet för Social och Mental Hälsa

Parties are based on client-centeredness, confidentiality and general principles
of counseling in the joint activities of the network and in the
implementation of the project “Empowerment of people recovering from
mental disorders”:

• as parties to the network, we wish to increase the competence and
skills of the participants in the network through the sharing of
knowledge and experience, experiential learning and development

• the aim of the network members’ cooperation is to better support
the coping of people with mental disorders in society and the quality of
counseling offered to them;

In order to achieve the goals, the peer counselers network parties
consider it important:
• ensure the availability of information about the current activities of
your organization in the field of experience consulting;
• ensure the representation of your organization in initiatives
organized to promote network cooperation;
• disseminate the skills and knowledge acquired within the project
among the members of their organizations.

The network is open to organizations whose main activity is peer

Network members jointly plan and participate in networking activities.